It is great joy to announce the “Hapu Ora – sustaining the new life” workshop for MA-URI professionals willing to work with their own pregnancy related issues and to be able to offer the very special Mama MA-URI sessions for pregnant women and couples. The workshop will be held in Lithuania by Jurga Mozūrienė and Justina Kuckailienė. It will be a great honour to share with you our own experiences of using MA-URI in pregnancy and birth giving as well as our practice in working in the pregnancy field.
The 6-day workshop will provide you a unique possibility for raising your consciousness and dealing with your beliefs, attitudes and experiences concerning pregnancy (or lack/loss of pregnancy) and birth in your own life. This will benefit you in personal life and it will prepare you to work with pregnant women.
We will work through dance, meditation, ceremonies and talk sessions and there will be bodywork sessions for you to deal with your own issues. We will look into the potential of MA-URI Birth Dance. You will learn how to instruct pregnant women in dance.
The workshop will qualify you to work with pregnant women on your massage table, and to offer individual sessions or birth preparation classes where you can work with pregnant clients using dance, guided meditations and selected MA-URI Philosophy principles. Further, it will also enable you to offer sessions for couples (pregnant women and their partners).
On the top of the beautiful side strokes that you have learned in a Mana Wahine workshop you will learn additional strokes specific for the pregnant body. You will practice how to create a bodywork or dance session to assist a mother-to-be in connecting to her own body and the baby in her womb.
Workshop dates: April 28 – May 2
Workshop price: 530 euro for Estern Europo residents and 830 euro for Western Europe and Scandinavia residents
Requirements for participants: Kaitinana and Mana Wahine training graduates
Workshop venue: Senosios Gegužinės ūkis, Beržės g. 4, Kaišiadorių raj.
If you are interested to participate, please fill this form until the 1st of March:…/1FAIpQLSdvKFi8sWrgAe…/viewform
For any questions feel free to contact by e-mail or phone +37067304557